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My name is Kristian Bay kirk. 
I am an illustrator and comics artist based in Denmark. 

My work reaches in many different places but I have a passion for ancient subjects and human history. 
And dinosaurs.


I am always interested in work and collaborations and I am open for comissions, so please feel free to contact me. 


 - BA in Graphic Storytelling at The Animation Workshop

- Visuel HF / The Animation Workshop 
  Viborg Gymnasium og HF

Clients and Collaborations

Moesgaard Museum. 
- An interactive comic about the Danish Stone Age. 
-  Illustrations for an exhibition about the Danish Stone Age.


The Danish Jewish Museum
- Illustrations and displays for an exhibition on escape and persecution in the 20th century.

National Museet 

- Illustrations for a publication about medieval sites at Samsø. 

Knuthenborg Safari Park 
- Illustrations for a dinosaur exhibition. 

Fiesta Magasinet

- Several short stories for an underground comic book 
  based in Copenhagen. 


Nothside Festival 

- ' Skraldeman' A superhero comic promoting the sustainability      of the festival.


Not Forgotten Anthology 

- 'Master Mystic' A short comic about a forgotten superhero 
   from the 1940's. 


- 'Smokehue' A short story in collaboration with writer Mikael         Lopez for a Swedish comics magazine. 

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